Team Adventures

Give your team an enjoyable and transformative experience that will enhance member relationships and deliver targeted objectives

Send a team of employees to this destination experiential learning event where they will get to move their bodies and make breakthroughs that will carry through to the office. Our unique adventure learning approach lends itself well to driving high performance in any type of team through collaboration, communication, and alignment. No one team is alike so we offer a customized experience to maximize achievement of the learning objectives.

Team Adventures are:

Indoor or Outdoor
Available all throughout the year
Adjustable for various levels of physical ability

Great for : virtual teams • cross-functional teams • new teams

Team members participate in a carefully selected and designed adventure activity and learning segment that provides long-lasting experiential learning benefits. Learning outcomes are focused to deliver maximum results for each team.

No matter the type or stage of development your team is in, our Team Adventures help ensure that they are on the path to the highest performance. All Team Adventure experiences are designed to improve existing team dynamics and behaviors, plus relieve stress levels through activities that inspire laughter and learning.

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We challenge people to think and act differently, step outside their comfort zone and activate their limitless potential, at work and in life.

New in 2017

“Survival Challenge” – Day in the Life of a HERO: Military Edition

Learn More About the Survival Challenge Team Adventure
“I was completely impressed with the entire experience. The coordination leading up to the event was professional and the actual training was effective and challenging both cognitively and physically. Highly recommended!!”
John, client
“Thank you all! It was an awesome experience that allowed us to problem solve , work together and put my war face on!”
Mike, participant
“Had a great time and really enjoyed the experience”
Jason, participant