Today’s work environment is vastly different than it used to be—there are as many as five generations working together, each with different needs, motivations and working styles. The organizational hierarchy has evolved and typically isn’t all about seniority anymore.

Cultivating a powerful team with highly skilled and highly ambitious employees and keeping them around isn’t the simple formula that it used to be. The new multi-generational workforce is demanding more development opportunities and top talent will refuse to stay in a company where they fear they will stagnate.

Here’s the thing about top talent – they not only welcome challenge, they need it. Without challenge and a roadmap which points toward progress, companies risk losing some of their most valuable assets. Many employers assume that, because their top talent is highly skilled and highly motivated, they don’t need the engagement that the rest of the workforce does. This fatal flaw will leave you scratching your head in confusion as you watch your top talent walk out the door time and time again.

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So we dug deep into the research and identified core areas where employers and companies should focus to keep those key players engaged, happy, and thriving. When those sights are locked in with your top talent, then your company thrives, excels, and progresses with impressive ease.

Through our research we honed in on six main categories: Communication, Career Management, Leadership Development, Challenge, Recognition, and Assessment/Identification. All of these categories play an important and interconnected role. Without all the pieces of this puzzle in place, you run the risk of high performers slipping through the cracks and right into the hands of your competition.

Our white paper goes into much further detail on the benefits and ways to integrate these factors into your performance recognition and team development programs, but to get the creative juices flowing, here are a few highlights:

Mentoring and Coaching Programs

High performers desire individualized attention and recognition. By implementing a mentoring or coaching program, you are providing highly valuable team members with the one-on-one attention and development they crave.

Focus In

Top talent is a small segment of the working population (usually about 5%), but yields significant impact over time, which makes prioritizing this group of people essential for all companies. The lasting benefits of top talent engagement are vast and profound, so developing a strategy and allocating some room in the budget for focusing on top talent is crucial.


Keep communication open between senior leadership, top talent, and the rest of the workforce. Programs tend to fail when they are implemented in a vacuum and don’t have support from the leadership. That means everyone from top to bottom needs to be in the loop and invested in what it takes for top talent to run on all cylinders.

We’ve got it all available for you to read in our white paper, The Talent Challenge: How Leading Companies Attract, Retain, and Engage Top Talent.

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