Here is Your Chance to Become a Cerno Climber!

The Cerno Strive™ Program is an opportunity for select individuals to join the exclusive community of Cerno Climbers.


Cerno® programs offer participants (known as “Climbers”) a chance to Refresh, Refuel and Ignite through an unforgettable experience, which brings together high performers, in a high energy environment, all working hard to achieve their goals and support each other.

How It Works

A portion of every Climber’s registration fee for a Cerno event is allocated to support the Strive™ program, which allows inductees, who may otherwise not have access, to participate and engage with Cerno Climbers.

Who Should Apply

The application is currently open to the public. We use a competitive selection process to identify High Performers whose behavior and accomplishments are in alignment with the Cerno mission. Individuals selected to participate in the Strive™ program will receive an invitation and further details from our events team.

We also select program participants from partner organizations, which may include companies, nonprofits and universities through a nomination and competitive selection process. If you would like to offer the Strive™ program at your organization, please contact us.


Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Deadlines : January 31, April 30, July 31, October 31