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Who are high performers?

We all have untapped potential. Those who strive to use their potential by pushing themselves to do more, explore more, see more, be more, and achieve more are called Climbers! High performers typically make up less than 5% of any given workforce and  are an extremely diverse group.


The 4X Factor!

High-performing professionals contribute up to 400% more than the average employee. The goal of Cerno adventure learning programs is to help high performers remain engaged and motivated at work, thus operating at their full potential, and climbing toward their goals, while increasing the value delivered to the organization.

You won’t be able to spot a high performer by eye, but they do have one common thread…  Through our work with high performers, the Cerno team has come to identify shared behavior among this group, typically repeating itself every 3 to 5 years. We call this The High Performer Cycle ™.

Performers Do More

Stage 1 – Learn: When entering a new role or taking on a new challenge, high performers  are focused on learning, which enables them to get up to speed quickly and understand what will drive results.

Stage 2 – Do: Once up to speed, high performers  generate momentum, execute their task with determination and skill, ultimately delivering results.

Stage 3 – Look: After mastering  the challenge at hand, high performers will seek out what they see as the next challenge, which often will build on prior skills or knowledge base.  High performers are not satisfied with standing still and are always focused on “what’s next”.

Stage 4 – Transition: Never comfortable with stagnation,  high performers will eventually find themselves in transition, ready to accept a new challenge. If they are unable to transition internally, their appetite  for challenge will drive them to look externally.

Why are they important?

Employers often refer to high performers as their “Top Talent” because they are   critical to the success of the organization’s key initiatives. High performers contribute up to 400% more than the average employee, creating significant value within an organization over time.

Since high performers are often the primary drivers for organizational performance, employers are constantly trying to find ways to attract, retain, and engage high performers. As their equity within the organization grows over their tenure of employment, the costs, risk, and pain associated with losing them increases exponentially.

High-performers contribute up to 400% more than the average employee
Employee turnover costs average 150% annual salary, plus other soft costs*
Losing an employee with an annual salary of $50,000 can result in costs of over $75,000

*Based on industry averages

Why should employers care?

The financial impacts of employee turnover are significant, made up of both hard and soft cost components. The costs are amplified when high performers separate from their employer. The impacts to an organization span many areas, including: recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, training, lost productivity, temporary solutions, and the often unforeseen impact on morale.

Without even quantifying the soft costs, estimates show the financial costs can range anywhere from 50% to 500% of the employee’s annual salary, depending on the industry. The average across all industries is typically estimated at 150% of the employee’s annual salary, with knowledge and technology industries typically being much higher. Once these metrics are quantified, it becomes easy to understand why an organization with low employee engagement and high turnover will quickly become consumed by lost productivity, low morale and the costs associated with a high churn rate.

For Example:

  • Annual Salary: $50,000
  • Turnover Costs: 150% of base salary or $75,000 + additional soft costs

Losing a high performer will generate significantly higher turnover costs because their replacement will likely never perform at the same level and their departure will have a greater effect on morale and company culture.

Failure to retain high performers puts any organization at risk.

In addition to retention, employers everywhere are feeling the pains of less-than-desirable employee engagement and high-performance work cultures are held back if moral and engagement are low.

Worried Employer

Engagement surveys indicate that employees want:

• Challenge

• Rewards

• Sufficient Effort to Hear Thoughts and Opinions

• Authority to Perform Job

• Clear Expectations

• Wellness Programs

“Don’t take top talent for granted. Ongoing coaching, retreats, and training are crucial to top performers. Provide ongoing opportunities for learning, skills development, and educational and career advancement.”
Surveyed employee
“Find out what top performers value and provide it. Often, the most important element is having challenging work, the second is having an honest work environment, the third is recognition for work, and the fourth is money.”
Surveyed employee

Improving engagement will not only increase retention, but also attract top talent

Want to learn more about top talent?


The Cerno Solution

Cerno programs offer a ready-to-implement solution, which organizations may  immediately deploy, to reward high performers and increase engagement. The goal of a Cerno adventure learning program is to help high performers remain engaged and motivated at work, thus operating at their full potential and climbing toward their goals.

Employers offering Cerno programs believe in:

  • Thinking outside the box
  • Hiring and developing the best
  • Engaging employees to direct their career
  • Reducing turnover and those horrid costs
  • Fostering health and fitness
  • Maximizing performance

Who It’s Designed For
Cerno is designed exclusively for high performers – the type of people who work hard, play hard, and push themselves to the limit, everyday.

No matter what stage you may be at on the High Performer Cycle™, attending a Cerno event will connect you with other like minded individuals and the support of the Cerno community. If you’re not a fan of sitting still, then you’ll fit right in!

Kayak Performer

Why It Works
Remember the last time you crossed the finish line, topped out, or tagged a summit? It wasn’t luck – it happened because you made a plan, trained hard, and pushed the limits to achieve success in your field of play… it happened because you are a Climber. But you don’t just climb in the field, you also climb in your career.

Cerno brings high performers together and when we do, amazing things happen.

A truly unique experience is created by integrating elements of adventure, fitness, and experiential learning. Mix in a bit of healthy competition and participants are pushed to perform at new levels and driven to achieve their goals. Think of the energy all around you at the starting line of your last race. Can you feel it?

Now, imagine if that energy could last all day. Sound like fun? We thought so too! And that sounds like Cerno!

Participants get a chance to Refresh, Refuel and Ignite! through an unforgettable experience, which brings together high performers, in a high energy environment, all working hard to achieve their goals and support each other.

Our membership program provides ongoing support, ideas, resources, and tools so climbers can continue to develop and apply the principles learned during their experience.

If you’re not a fan of sitting still, then you’ll fit right in!

What’s Your Next Adventure?

Great question – you’re already thinking about climbing higher.
Cerno pushes high performers to Keep Climbing.