The Cerno Experience is Unmatched

Cerno Climber Programs

We bring high performers together and amazing things happen

How It Works

Implement one of Cerno’s Performance Recognition Programs (PRPs) at your company and you will see your company culture shift gears, driving greater levels of performance across the board.

It all starts with identifying and selecting your Top Talent for the program—no more than 10% of your workforce, group or team.

Participants of the 6-mo Ridge and 12-mo Peak programs are inducted into the Cerno Climber community earning the lifelong Climber title and access to exclusive opportunities throughout the rest of their career.

Climbers join together for two or three events* during their program for high-energy experiences that combine adventure and rich experiential learning that will help them achieve more in and out of the office. *Please reference the table above for specifics.

When not meeting in person, Climbers continue to interact virtually providing them with a strong network of support as they complete our signature learning modules, receive coaching services, and continue to experience transformations.

Climbers have a ton of fun and develop a great long-term support system with likeminded achievers, but also learn robust career management, leadership & influence, and personal growth skills. Climbers are motivated, energized, and equipped to drive their forward career progression within the company.

The Cerno Climber experience is unmatched.

If you want to foster a high-performance culture, start with your high performers. Through Cerno’s PRPs, Climbers not only feel valued, appreciated and rewarded, but also feel equipped and empowered to give their very best and reach for their limitless potential.

If being an employer-of-choice is part of your strategic plan, then Cerno’s PRPs need to fit into your talent management portfolio. Our programs will help you attract, retain & engage Top Talent!

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Why Performance Matters
Why Performance Matters
Who are High Performers?
Why should companies invest in them?
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The Cerno Experience
The Cerno Experience
What can Climbers expect when they participate in a Cerno event?
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Strive Program
Strive ProgramOur Commitment to Future Climbers
A portion of every Climber’s fee is contributed to a special fund that lends assistance for other high-potential candidates to participate and engage with Cerno Climbers. By participating, organizations and individuals can feel good about helping provide someone else an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Program participants are selected from partner organizations, which include companies, nonprofits and universities through a nomination and competitive selection process. The Cerno team strongly believes in a coaching model to help individuals discover their potential and achieve their goals.

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