At Cerno, our classroom isn’t bound by the confines of four walls. Instead, we venture out into nature and leverage its many proven benefits. Fresh air, absence of technology and unique challenges are just a few of the secret weapons we incorporate into Cerno programs, helping our participants see and think differently. This Limitless profile highlights someone else who shares our love for teaching in an outdoor classroom. Enjoy!

Meet Mark

Mark Altman has a Masters in Communications and Counseling with coursework completed towards a PhD in Leadership Studies. In addition to his impressive academic credentials, Mark has written two books on leadership and trained soldiers around the world during his 20 plus years of service in the military reserves. Mark has a passion for the outdoors and loves challenging people to push their limits, which is why he’s in the spotlight for this Limitless Profile. With more than twenty-five years of experience in the field of training, Mark comments “I’ve never found a better tool than the outdoors.”  

What Mark really enjoys about his work is the opportunity to influence organizations, and the people who make up those organizations, to improve. When asked what “improve” means, Mark responds that, “It can mean many things, and often does.” His focus is often to provide individuals with tools and training to improve, which in turn drives improvement as a whole within the organization.

The Limitless Mindset

Mark lives his life by asking, “I’ve never done that, I wonder if I can?” He answered that question with a resounding “YES!” in 2001 when he and his almost 11-year-old son successfully planned and navigated a 3,000-mile bike ride, through 9 countries in Europe. The trip purposefully unfolded over 90-days, so Mark and his son had time to enjoy the culture and many historical sites along the way.

The idea for the trip was planted when Mark’s children’s’ curiosity prompted them to ask what his favorite spot in Europe was while he was stationed there. As they put pins on the map together, the trip began to take shape and Mark began to wonder if he could make it a reality. After several years of collecting the right gear and planning the adventure, the timing was right and the father and son duo embarked on an unforgettable adventure.

Today, Mark continues to search for adventure from his farm in the Birmingham, AL area, where he still has a never ending curiosity for life and learning new things. Mark raises pigs, spends time woodworking and recently completed an online training course for HR professionals.

The Takeaway

Simply put, asking ourselves powerful questions will create more powerful results. For any of us who what to share Mark’s contagious enthusiasm for life and thirst for learning new things, we can start by asking his powerful question, “I’ve never done that, I wonder if I can?” In the very moment we ask ourselves that question, a shift occurs towards embracing challenge and living without limits. What can you achieve when you give yourself permission to wonder?