The Cerno Experience is Unmatched

It all starts with our events

Before The Event

Congratulations on becoming a Cerno Climber! Having been selected by your employer to attend a Cerno event is a great achievement. Attendees are chosen based on their past performance and future potential within an organization and selection is a testament to your success, reaffirming your distinction as a “high performer.”

Cerno events are offered in three different tiers, with each of the tiers offering something unique. Each and every Climber starts with a Tier 1 experience. As you progress and have the opportunity to attend additional Tier 1, 2, or 3 events, the options expand and the experience becomes more intense.

In advance of your Cerno event you will receive an Adventure Plan, which will provide all the information you need on logistics, learning and preparation. The Adventure Plan will tell you where to go, when to arrive and what to bring; but don’t expect all the details! By design, part of the Cerno experience is an element of suspense and surprise, which helps stimulate your mind and challenge your decision making abilities. Upon arrival at your Cerno event you’ll receive more information on the activities and learning to take place—but we’ll be sure to leave some room for surprise.

We look forward to seeing you at the starting line!

Starting Line

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin

At The Event

At The Event

When you’re selected to attend a Cerno event, the experience will challenge your body and change the way you think!

Grab your gear and be sure to pack a sense of adventure. Leave the office attitude behind, be ready to work outside the lines and most importantly – to challenge yourself and others! The Cerno experience is all about the Climbers.

The experience starts at “check-in”, where you receive a more detailed Adventure Plan. This is your roadmap for everything you’ll be experiencing during the Cerno event. We’ll even provide some essentials to help you be successful and stay energized during the Adventure portion of the experience.

Led by trained professionals, every Cerno adventure experience is designed to push you beyond your comfort zone, allowing an exploration of new activities, which challenge the mind and body. Cerno accommodates a full range of fitness and adventure levels, guided by a philosophy which provides the option to push your limits in a challenge by choice method, based on your own level of comfort.

After an amazing adventure experience, you will have the opportunity to rejuvenate as you transition into the learning portion of the event.

Through thought-provoking interaction and experiential learning, you will discover how the earlier adventure activity illuminates and integrates with your inner drive, while setting the stage for momentum in your career. After all, the Cerno experience is designed to Refresh, Refuel, and Ignite! so you can Keep Climbing in your career.

The Learning portion of a Cerno program isn’t like any classroom you’ve ever been in before. Cerno learning sessions are configured as short bursts of high intensity, which keep you fully engaged, challenged and on your toes!

The experience closes with a memorable gathering and the opportunity to bid a farewell-for-now to fellow climbers, celebrate the accomplishments of the event and our mutual determination to Keep Climbing!

“Everything is possible – as it can be ordered, acted upon and accomplished”

– The Cerno Mountain Goat

After The Event

Your Cerno experience doesn’t end at the event.

As a Climber, you now have access to the Cerno membership program, which provides ongoing support, ideas, resources, and tools so you may continue to develop and apply the principles learned during your event.

Having attended a Cerno event, you are now officially a Climber and part of an exclusive circle within the Cerno community. Along with access to membership, you will also have access to exclusive benefits and opportunities as you Keep Climbing throughout the rest of your career.

A major benefit of becoming a Cerno climber is that the door to attend Cerno events is now open to you. You may register for additional Tier 1, 2 or 3 events, depending your needs as your career continues to develop. As your network builds and you develop relationships with other Cerno Climbers, attending and connecting at Cerno events is a great way to stay in touch, challenge your competitive spirit and add to your list of adventures!