1-Day Retreats

Spend a day focusing on your untapped potential!

Connect with and learn from top talent from your area during these energizing adventure retreats. Cerno’s 1-Day Retreats are designed to help you step away from distractions and the noise of everyday life so you can focus and dig-deep on one specific topic. Select from the options below.

Team Adventures

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A step beyond team building!

Book one of these experiential-learning events for your team. They will move their bodies and make breakthroughs that will carry through to the office. Our unique adventure-learning approach lends itself well to driving high performance in any type of team through collaboration, communication, and alignment.
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Adventure Retreat for Women in STEM: “Finding Your Authenticity”
Adventure Retreat for Emerging Professionals: “Career Visioning”
Adventure Retreat all about Multigenerational Workplaces: “Swapping Shoes”
Adventure Retreat for Military Talent: “Find Your Strengths – Ninja Style”
Adventure Retreat for Women in Leadership: “Find Your Strengths – Smooth Moves”
Adventure Retreat for Top Performers in Human Resources: “Find Your Strengths – In the Air”