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Cerno Community


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We all have untapped potential. Those who strive to use their potential by pushing themselves to do more, explore more, see more, be more, and achieve more are Climbers! The Cerno experience and community is designed exclusively for high performers (aka Climbers) and helps to Refresh, Refuel, and Ignite! their potential through exciting adventure learning programs.

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Leverage the benefits of the Cerno experience to Attract, Retain and Engage! top talent in your organization. Reward your top performers, create a culture of high performance and increase levels of employee engagement. Cerno programs are a ready to implement solution, which means you don’t have to invest significant time and resources to develop an in house program. With the right talent, engagement and productivity, your organization will Keep Climbing.

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Cerno brings together top talent from forward-thinking organizations spanning all industries to experience adventure at renowned destinations and venues. When you become a sponsor, you show your support for Climbers everywhere and have the opportunity to connect with the Cerno community. Different levels of sponsorship opportunities are available—contact us to get involved!

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