Professional development is important and we make it a priority for our team at Cerno. We strive to enhance our knowledge and skill sets so we can provide the best programs possible. We also love these opportunities to build relationships with our professional community.

wp-image-994376437jpg.jpgToday we are in Charlotte to discuss Disruptive Inclusion > Creating Business Impact from Inclusion

Our favorite quotes that speak to Cerno programs …

  1. “Sharing the benefits of leadership development programs helps with retention” – Terri Moore  |  Cerno is committed to helping companies understand and capture the benefits of our programs!
  2. “Figure out how to tap into the different generations of talent” – Millerite Granville  |  Cerno Performance Recognition Programs (PRPs) integrate diverse talent and many aspects of the program focus on leveraging both the differences and similarities. Power Lunches and Team Adventures often touch on understanding and leveraging diversity as well.
  3. “Take advantage of the accommodations we make for some to help others” – Millerite Granville  |  One of the many benefits of Cerno PRPs is that employers get an opportunity to listen to the needs of their Climbers so they can make good business decisions about accommodations and policy changes to improve culture and engagement.
  4. “Be comfortable being uncomfortable” – Millerite Granville  |  Cerno is disruptive. Cerno helps people embrace and see the benefit of change and stepping out of comfort zones.

Cerno Fans: What was your most recent professional development activity?

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