7,296 squats were donated to Cerno’s Give a Squat™ About #Diversity fitness challenge in January 2017!

Diversity exists in many forms, all of which contributes to our own diversity in thought. When we experience diversity and inclusion in our schools, our workplaces, and our communities, we gain a more worldly view and expose ourselves to unfamiliar concepts leading to broader perspectives and more collaborative solutions.

The #GiveASquat About #Diversity challenge provided us all with the opportunity to show the importance of honoring, respecting, and including diverse perspectives in our lives … one squat at a time!

With a two-tier goal of 5,000 and 10,000 squats, a number of individuals, companies and teams contributed to the achievement of the 5,000 squat goal!

A special shout out to our top contributors…

Top Individual Contributor : Lindsay Bradford who single-handedly donated 2,048 squats!

Top Team Contributor : Capital One with a combined total of 1,650 squats!

Thank you to all who participated in this campaign and we invite you to donate to the next challenge!

As a result of reaching the 5,000-squat goal, the sponsor :

A mission-driven organization that believes in giving back through good citizenship and helping people to achieve their potential!

will make the financial donation promised to this challenge’s beneficiary :

A nonprofit focused on ensuring everyone—regardless of gender, income, faith, sexual orientation or cultural background—has the opportunity to live life to its fullest.

Give a Squat™ is a program, operated by Cerno, aimed at encouraging people to adopt healthy + fit lifestyles by challenging them to move their bodies more and push themselves physically to support a good cause. Participants donate their squats to the challenge and once a challenge goal is reached, a financial contribution is made to the selected nonprofit by the challenge sponsor.

In 2017, there is a new challenge each month with financial contributions made as various squat donation goals are reached.

Why do we do this? Cerno is a mission-driven organization, we believe in giving back through good citizenship and we want people to move more! Movement, especially in nature, helps stimulate creativity and innovative thinking which helps us achieve more in our personal and professional lives.

Do you Give a Squat™?  Donate squats to the current challenge and contact us to find out how you can sponsor an upcoming challenge.

Give A Squat About Diversity #GiveASquat


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