3,000+ squats were donated to Cerno’s Give a Squat™ About #OurForests fitness challenge in December 2016!

With the forest fires ravaging parts of the country, we decided we could do something to help… through the 2016 Give a Squat™ About Our Forests challenge, we helped to bring attention to the importance of and provide support for forest fire recovery throughout the month of December.

We set a lofty goal of 10,000 squats and were happy to see a number of individuals, companies and teams contribute.  A special shout out to Lindsay Bradford who single-handedly donated 1,582 squats to this campaign — over half of all of the squats donated!

Even though the overall challenge goal was not met, the campaign ended with 3,000+ squats donated so we decided to go ahead and make a financial donation to the benefiting nonprofit. We look forward to our 2017 Give a Squat™ challenges and hope that you donate squats so we reach the squat goals and can make full financial donations to the deserving nonprofits.

Thank you to all who participated in this campaign and we invite you to donate to the next challenge!

As a result of receiving 3,000+ donated squats, the campaign sponsor donated $100 (50 trees planted) to the National Forest Foundation.

Give a Squat™ is a program, operated by Cerno, aimed at encouraging people to adopt healthy + fit lifestyles by challenging them to move their bodies more and push themselves physically to support a good cause. Participants donate their squats to the campaign and once the campaign goal is reached, a financial contribution is made to the selected nonprofit by the campaign sponsor.

In 2017, there will be a new campaign each month with financial contributions made as various squat donation goals are reached.

Why do we do this? Cerno is a mission-driven organization, we believe in giving back through good citizenship and we want people to move more! Movement, especially in nature, helps stimulate creativity and innovative thinking which helps us achieve more in our personal and professional lives.

Do you Give a Squat™?  Donate squats to the current campaign and contact us to find out how you can sponsor an upcoming campaign.


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This is an updated post from January 1, 2017