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Our Mission

Help those who aspire to Keep Climbing!

We challenge people to think and act differently, step outside their comfort zone, and activate their limitless potential at work and in life.

Our Story

Long ago, we discovered that life is better when lived with adventure and pushed to the limit. Eventually we realized that we don’t actually have limits. We realized that we could apply the same logic and drive to our work and careers to achieve boundless success. Interested in discovering new ways to keep moving, we sought out others who felt the same drive to explore, push, and climb; discovering that with the right support, this group has the potential to transform the world. Realizing how these professionals could positively impact their employers, society, and our world, we created invigorating programs to unleash their untapped potential, help them achieve their goals and Keep Climbing toward success. From many years of adventure and professional experience across the globe, Cerno® was born.

Cerno Leadership Team

Cerno’s founders and senior leadership team come from a variety of backgrounds, but share a common thread in their passion for adventure, strong work ethic, and drive to succeed. Training and certifications include: Outdoor Leadership, Wilderness Survival & First Aid, Career Coaching, Resume Writing, and Group Fitness. Members of the team have been recognized as experts in their respective career fields, which include career management. They have received numerous awards and have been invited to speak for various professional associations and academic institutions, as well as having traveled extensively throughout the world. Cerno ensures the highest quality experience for our clients by developing strategic partnerships with other trusted brands, which align with the mission of helping people achieve new levels of performance in their life and career.


The only thing we’d love more than sharing the story about our latest adventure, is to hear yours!