Science is saying “get outside!” but even more so, “get out in nature!”

Studies are popping up left and right proving that the benefits of being in a natural environment are extraordinary. Yet, our everyday lifestyles are keeping us indoors and within urban environments more and more.

President Obama recently visited Yosemite National Park and brought attention to the fact that we can’t experience nature from a screen. We need to get out in it and do all we can to protect it so it is there to enjoy for generations to come.

“Studies have show now that just five minutes of time in a green open space brings your stress levels down, makes your heart beat go down, makes your whole body feel better”

— President Obama


Isn’t it time to get outside?

Consider these five reasons why you should spend five minutes in the green today:

  1. Feel better. Just take it from the prez, getting a dose of nature does wonders for the mind, body and soul.
  2. Look better. When you feel better, you look better. You might not see it but others can.
  3. Do better. A little Vitamin D and fresh air gives your hard-working brain a little break. When you are refreshed, you will perform better.
  4. Want better. Sometimes we forget what is important until we are seeing it and doing it. If you get outside and become one with nature, even for five minutes, you will remember more often to get out there.
  5. Be better. They all add up. Getting out into nature will help you simply be better.

Where is your favorite place to go when you have five minutes to go outside?