A select group of individuals joined together for an exciting Cerno event in Denver, Colorado. Participants started with 90 minutes of instructor-led parkour training and finished off with lunch and an accelerated learning segment.

“Challenging and empowering.”

Cerno Climbers, Denver Parkour Event


How has your perspective changed today?

“Feeling more confident and optimistic overall, especially related to career and feeling more courageous to move forward.”

Any ‘Ah-ha!’ moments?

“It’s good to push myself…and not pushing myself won’t get me anywhere.”

100% of attendees said they felt refreshed, refueled, and ignited to perform at higher levels!

Curious About Parkour?

Who doesn’t want to get from point “a” to point “b” as quickly as possible? That’s the goal of parkour, but that task is not nearly as easy as it sounds. Urban environments present many challenges: stairs, walls, and annoying buildings that seem to pop up everywhere. The goal is to smoothly navigate these and other obstacles.

Get a flavor for parkour in this video…