Keep Climbing with Cerno Adventure Learning Programs

The Cerno Experience


Step out of the office and take a deep breath


You Work Hard, Shouldn’t You Play Hard Too?
Disconnect. Focus. Fun!


Explore a new challenge


Sift > Decide > Plan > Practice
Identify Goals, Explore Options, Plan and Prepare


Turn dreams into goals with a plan and support


Take Action and Climb Higher!
Hold yourself accountable to action and achieve your goals. Build a new network!

We serve clients who want to:

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We challenge people to think and act differently, step outside their comfort zone, and activate their limitless potential at work and in life.

Who is the Cerno Mountain Goat?

Smart, Wise, Agile, Social, Ambitious, Confident

You’ll notice him around from time to time. The Cerno mountain goat is surefooted as he climbs, reacting calmly and quickly to falling rocks and obstacles. Notice that a goat always appears to have a confident smile on his face. He is an exceptional individual with a determined focus on tasks and goals. He is compassionate and comprehensive in his communications with others. The mountain goat is flexible and able to find different routes up the same summit. He finds sure footing on near invisible ledges. The mountain goat keeps his eye on the summit and does not let himself get bogged down in details or distractions and is able to prioritize and accomplish the tasks necessary with his skill and thought, without becoming overwhelmed.

Everything is possible – as it can be ordered, acted upon and accomplished